Express Airport Transfer
Express bus service from the Katowice Airport. provides express bus connection of Kraków with the Katowice Airport. A comfortable bus will take you directly to your place of destination. The bus does not stop at intermediate stops, so the journey is shorter. is the official carrier of Wizz Air. We also provide services to passengers of other airlines. In case of flight delay, the bus waits for passengers.  
WiFi is available while travelling with Pyrzowiceekspres.
We also offer other comfortable and fast transport services from the Katowice Airport.  Free car seats for children are available on routes: Katowice Airport – Kraków, and Katowice Airport – Częstochowa.   We offer collection from and transport to a given address. We provide a convenient and secure ticket booking system. We are available at Skype user name:, and at +48 603 966 598.
We offer regular bus routes: Pyrzowice – Kraków, Kraków – Pyrzowice, Częstochowa – Pyrzowice, and Pyrzowice – Częstochowa.
We enable booking of transport from the Katowice Airport in different directions, with trained drivers at the wheel. Sample of available directions: Katowice Airport – Kraków, Kraków – Pyrzowice, Katowice Airport – Częstochowa, Katowice Airport – Katowice, Katowice Airport – Zakopane.
We offer booking of transport from the Balice Airport in Kraków to hotels and at specified addresses. We organise transfers from the Balice Airport in Kraków: Balice Airport – Zakopane, Balice Airport – Kraków, Balice Airport – Katowice